Birding News #19

:: The famous Red Knot called B95 or Moonbird has survived another Spring migration. Moonbird is about 20 years old and researchers believe he is the oldest living Red Knot.

:: Alaska is experiencing some very rare birds this Spring migration, and higher numbers than usual.

:: Marbled Murrelets are an endangered species and Steller’s Jays are eating their eggs in California. Researchers are putting out fake Murrelets eggs that induce vomiting in the Jays, so they won’t want to eat the endangered seabirds eggs.

:: CBS News visited the Biggest Week in American Birding and aired a segment on birding.

:: If you would like to see LEGO add a collection of North American bird kits to their line of products, please vote for these great LEGO birds by Thomas Poulsom (you may have seen his British, European, Oceana, or Tropical Lego birds already)!

:: The American Bird Conservancy is requesting a ban on the insecticide neonicotinoid, poison so deadly it can kill a songbird with one kernel of corn.

:: A pair of rare Common Cranes and their nest in Britain are under 24 hour surveillance to protect the eggs from collectors.

:: An article about why penguins don’t fly and why they are so good at swimming

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Birding News #17

:: A hiker fell 1,000 feet to her death in the Pyrenees Mountain range and within 40 minutes Griffon Vultures ate her remains

:: The American Birding Association has launched “Birder’s Marketplace“!

:: A statewide survey last month showed that numbers of nesting Bald Eagles in Massachusetts have increased after the species was reintroduced between 1982 and 1988

:: Birds in Britain are benefitting from climate change because of milder winters and longer nesting seasons, but there are other considerable disadvantages

:: More disadvantages to climate change — birds in Scotland such as the Eurasian Dotterel, Snow Bunting, and the Rock Ptarmigan, could become extinct by the end of the century because climate change, experts warn

:: Earlier this week Common Loons were grounded in Wisconsin after late spring storms

:: Even though California Condors are endangered, private companies will not be prosecuted if their wind turbines accidentally kill a condor

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Birding News #16

:: Rare Bird Alert in Canada: A Garganey (Code 4) has been found around Mirabel, Laurentides, Quebec.

:: A pair of Peregrine Falcons at the Bell Tower in Edmonton, Alberta, have laid three eggs, and the Alberta Conservation Association has put up a cam so you can watch the pair via live streaming.

:: BirdWatching Magazine has a list of 19 books about birds that have been recently published, and the editors’ favorites

:: A man from Alaska defended his family from a bear attack using his spotting scope and tripod

:: About 50 ducks were rescued in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, after landing in potash waste water ponds

:: The Madagascar Pochard is the world’s rarest duck and now, 58 of them are part of a captive breeding program to help stabilize the wild population 

:: Birders are getting very frustrated with shooters who are disrespectful of the Pawnee National Grassland in Colorado

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