Punk Rock Birder’s “World’s Best Birdwatching Shirts”

PRBYApparelPunk Rock Birder Paul Riss has a new Indiegogo (crowd sourcing) project: the World’s Best Birdwatching Shirts. I’m in — are you?

Paul’s goal is $3,000, and he’s at $1,605, with 42 days left. November 8 is the deadline. The shirts are a Fixed Funding campaign, which means payments will be refunded if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal. For a $35 contribution, you’ll get a limited edition RWBL (Red-winged Blackbird) t-shirt. Paul picked the RWBL because “for me that bird specifies the arrival of spring. … To me they are the beginning and so are very fitting to start what I hope becomes something as exciting for me as spring migration.”

Paul explains his campaign:

These shirts are designed specifically to appeal to birdwatchers. Why? Because let’s face it, nobody really takes time to relate to us with apparel. It’s always just some picture of a bird. The ‘design’ of the images is never considered. That’s about to change. …

:: You can finally be a birder AND fashion forward.

:: It will raise the bar for birdwatching apparel and make people more interested in birding in general.

:: Imagine yourself wearing this shirt and people asking, “What does RWBL mean?” All of a sudden you have a chance to talk about birding and how awesome it is. We all love doing that, right?

:: We don’t have to look like fuddy-duddy freak-show bird people in our poorly designed, ill-fitting t-shirts anymore. We can still be bird-freaks but with style!

If you’re interested in a neat, and pretty uncommon, t-shirt or helping another birder with a new project, you can find out more here.