I’m at Backyard Chirper’s Into the Air Blog for an interview

Tim at Backyard Chirper’s Into the Air blog just interviewed me. Here’s the blog post if you would like to read the interview. I had lots of fun doing it. Thank you very much for asking me, Tim, and for all of your very kind and generous words!

And here’s a Northern Waterthrush I saw yesterday,

Long Point snapshots, early August

Note from PB’s mother: Prairie Birder left for 4H camp at Moose Lake, Alberta, yesterday (she’ll be back late on Friday), so I’m holding down the fort here again.

I thought I’d post some of my favorite of Prairie Birder’s pictures from the Young Ornithologists’ Workshop — she took about 700 or so, and posted only a few in her three posts. I hope you enjoy them too.

Northern Waterthrush,

A House Wren caught in the mist net one morning,


Light house at Long Point,

Prairie Birder’s digiscoped moon shot,

Gull tracks in the sand,

Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle,