Birding News #30

:: (Edited this morning to add) Workers on Enbridge’s new $300-million transmission line south of Lethbridge, AB, halted construction for four weeks last month as they waited for a pair of Ferruginous Hawks, nesting within a kilometre of the work site, to raise their three fledglings.

:: The State of Tennessee is reconsidering the controversial Sandhill Crane hunt for this year

:: BirdsEye Hotspot is one of the newest birding apps you can purchase for your smartphone

:: A new species of bird has been discovered in the montane forests of Peru

:: Downy Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers, and Red-bellied Woodpeckers are benefitting from the effects of the Emerald Ash Borer

:: Dozens of Common Grackles “fell from the skies” in Winnipeg’s North end earlier this week

:: Birdwatching is helping to reduce stress and medication to dementia patients

:: Wood Storks are expanding their range into North Carolina

::Thomas Poulsom has moved on to South America for his LEGO birds, so if you’d like LEGO to consider adding a collection of SA bird kits to their line of products, please vote for these great LEGO birds by Thomas Poulsom

:: Semipalmated Sandpipers and other shorebird species numbers are declining, not just the Red Knot

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Birding News #29

:: Birdorable has just added Passenger Pigeon, Southern Ground Hornbill, and European Bee-eater coloring pages to their website, so if you have young birders at home be sure to print them out and start coloring!

:: People are letting their dogs run loose on beaches in Maine where Piping Plovers and Least Terns are nesting. The dogs are causing harm and death to the nests and fledgling birds.

:: A very informative and interesting article on the Eskimo Curlew

:: Which Came First, The Bird or the Bird Brain?

:: Veeries adjust their singing patterns in the evening when Barred Owls are calling, so they don’t become the owls’ next meal

:: A cute but sad cartoon video about Dodos and other animals facing extinction around the world

:: The CTV station in London, Ontario, is looking for name suggestions for the family of three Red-tailed Hawks hanging around their offices.

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:: From Roger Bird, guest writer for the ABA blogOpen Mic: Alexander Wilson, the Father of American Ornithology ( just got a copy of this book for my birthday!)

:: From Julie Zickefoose’s blogTennessee Sandhill Crane Hunt…Proposed Again

Birding News #24

:: The late June floods in Southern Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan have not just affected people, but wildlife too. One of the Saskatchewan species greatly affected is the endangered Piping Plovers because they are ground nesters.

:: A new species of Tailorbird has been discovered in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, in the middle of a road construction site.

:: The Preston Marina in Lancashire (UK) is using old tires as artificial nests for Common Terns, which has helped to more than double the tern population in the area.

:: Birders in England spotted a rare White-throated Needletail, only to watch it fly into a wind turbine and die

:: Researchers on Guam have found that the island’s spider populations grew as much as 40-fold in the wake of entire species of insect-eating birds devastated by the invasive Brown Tree Snakes.

:: A story from  The Ottawa Citizen about declining bird populations and the Bird Life International conference last week in Toronto.

:: Lawyers for wildlife advocacy groups in San Francisco say that a $130 million highway project is killing endangered Cliff Swallows.  

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Birding News #21

:: A Boston Globe article about Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds radio show (I was thrilled to be interviewed for it), by Linda Matchan! PS You don’t have to be in Massachusetts to listen (I listen online whenever I can)…

:: How the rooster lost his penis

:: The Calgary Herald profiles legendary Calgary naturalist, Gus Yaki

:: 15 newly-described species of birds have been discovered in the Amazon Rainforest!

:: A new bait created to resemble horseshoe crabs, which is good news for the crabs and migrating shorebirds on the East coast.

:: Superb Lyrebirds of Australia match their songs to specific dance moves

:: Did you know that one Purple Martin banded, and tagged with a geolocator last year at the Ellis Bird Farm in Southern Alberta, clocked more than 21,000 km on her migration route?

:: Some Canadian scientists believe that Purple Martins are declining because their migration misses the peak for insects in the Spring.

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Birding News #8

:: A Florida subspecies of Burrowing Owl has found its way to Nova Scotia, a long way off from its usual place

:: A study on the decline of Rusty Blackbirds

:: Connecticut’s “State of the Birds” finds a decline of 17 species of birds that eat only insects caught while flying

:: A story from The New York Times about the plight of the Sage Grouse, a nearly extinct species

:: In Texas, a man pleads guilty to the shooting of an endangered Whooping Crane

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