Nevis Nestlings

I found a nest being built a few days after we arrived on October 3, and on October 26 I discovered three eggs in the nest which was very exciting,

Yesterday (November 6) I found that that all of the eggs had hatched — there are three babies (I apologize for the picture being fuzzy, but I’m using a Canon Powershot point and shoot),

Here is the male Black-faced Grassquit near the nest,

The female nearby, waiting for me to go away,


From what I’ve been able to find out from the bird books here at my grandparents’ house and online (including here), the grassquit incubation period seems to be about 12 days, which would be just right based on my observations.

My photos of many birds

Here are some pictures of birds I’ve taken in and around my grandparents’ garden.

Bananaquits, small pollinating birds,

A Cattle Egret immature Little Blue Heron on top of my grandmother’s pool house,

Beautiful Brown Pelicans at the beach,

Driving around the island I spotted 11 Greater Yellowlegs,

A female Black-faced Grassquit on one of the cacti planted by my grandfather,

Male and female American Kestrels,

Gray Kingbird,


Immature Blackpoll Warbler,