10 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Yay a long tailed tit! My girlfriends favourite, the flying lollipop! Hope you ate having a nice vacation, you have timed it well to pick up some summer
    Migrants arriving.

    • Flying lollipop is what I’m now going to call them! I’ve been having a lovely trip and see great birds. I’ve been posting my photos into my iCloud sharing album so my mother can attach the photos in the post and she got the two pictures mixed up. Love you mom.

  2. Always a joy to see Long tailed tits and as you said they´re not easy to photograph. It seems to collect nest material, did you see its partner?

    Would be quite interesting to know how the head was coloured, because the “normal” continental subspecies, which shows a black stripe above the eye (like in your picture), is intergrading with the white-headed Northern Long-tailed tits. The result are many intermediates, which are often misidentified as Northern Long tailed tits (a rarity for the most parts of Germany).

  3. Charlotte, it’s only two months since I was in Europe and your pictures and reports are giving me itchy feet already! At least spring migration is turning from a trickle to a chattering stream here in Alberta, so there’s a lot to keep ears and eyes open for and a great air of expectancy.

    I hope you enjoy your remaining time in Germany.

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