Feathers on Friday (Plus 3)

(Apologies for the delay — the post was ready to go on Friday but there was a computer glitch)

I wrote in my my previous FoF that I thought I’d have to wait until I get home from Europe to see my first Canada Goose. I’m feeling sheepish having to admit that my first Canada Goose sighting this year was in a park at Recklinghausen, Germany, the other day. This photo was taken with my Swarovski binoculars and the Phone Skope adapter with binocular ring.


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9 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday (Plus 3)

  1. Dear Charlotte,

    ABSOLUTELY, the most Beautiful picture I’ve seen yet of a Canadian Goose!!! Wow! Congratulations on your first goose of this year. Incredible!

    Happy Birding, Lorraine Oakes Blackfalds, Alberta

    Sent from my iPad


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