“Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide” Giveaway Reminder!

BBF front coverThere are two days days left to enter my giveaway for a copy of the brand new Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide

To enter the giveaway, please comment on this post down below (or on my previous one) with the name of your favourite feeder bird or feeder species.

For a second entry, head over to my Facebook page Prairie Birder as well as the Ellis Bird Farm’s Facebook page and “Like” them both. For a third entry, use the hashtag  on Twitter. For a fourth entry, share my original post on Facebook (linked here) to your Facebook page/wall.

Please mention below in your comment that you have “Liked”, shared, or tweeted (if you’ve already liked our pages, that still counts).

The deadline to enter is this Saturday, December 5th. After a random draw, I’ll announce the winner on Sunday, December 6th.

By the way, for those in the Vermilion area, you’ll have the chance to meet the author, Myrna Pearman, and get your autographed copy of the book on Saturday, December 12th, in Vermilion. details to come soon!

Good luck to everyone!

31 thoughts on ““Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide” Giveaway Reminder!

  1. Our favorite are the finches that flock to our yard in the summer. We have several feeders and several pairs that make our yard home each year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Purple finches visited two days ago. They are not only beautiful but seemed to get along well. I could’ve watched them longER but the scattered when a house sparrow lanes.

    A few years ago a bunch of red crossbills hung around the feeder day after day. They had big appetites and drained the feeder quickly. Very pretty bird to watch.

  3. My favorite is a Robin, mostly because I had family hatch right off my deck pergola, while I was going through a rough time with my dad passing and I named them after my dad and it was a small bright spot through that time. :)

  4. Hard to pick a favourite feeder bird, but the American Goldfinches always make my heart soar, so I would have to pick them. Thank you for this chance to win!

  5. I love them all however if I must choose it would be the pair of goldfinches that come to my feeder in late July then disappear as quickly as they came until next summer. That’s a treat!

  6. I think my favorited are the red winged blackbirds. They return every year almost to the exact day and we have great conversations clicking away at each other. Also interesting to watch when they bring their young to the feeder for a few weeks then they all just disappear one day in mid July.

  7. I first got into birding with an encounter with a Snowy Owl. They such a beautiful bird. Typically they show up in February and March in my neck of the woods. I will soon be dusting off my Nikon and watching eBird.ca for sightings!

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