Giveaway Contest for “Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide”

BBF front coverI’m thrilled to announce a giveaway for the new book Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide by Myrna Pearman. Myrna is a nature photographer and writer, and has been the biologist and site services manager at the Ellis Bird Farm near Lacombe, Alberta, since 1986. All the proceeds from the sale of the guide go to support programs at the Ellis Bird Farm.

The book has been completely updated and revised since the first edition was published in 1991. The new guide covers feeding birds in all seasons, how to deal with unwanted visitors at your station, bird feeding myths, and much more.

I’m honoured to have a photograph in the guide — my Northern Shrike picture on page 57; anyone with a photo in the guide received a complimentary copy. When I was emailing back and forth with Myrna earlier this fall, I asked about the possibility of a copy to give away on my blog, and Mynra very generously sent along a second one, also autographed.

To enter the giveaway, please comment on this post below with your favourite feeder bird or feeder species.

For a second entry, head over to my Facebook page Prairie Birder as well as the Ellis Bird Farm’s Facebook page and “Like” them both. For a third entry, use the hashtag  on Twitter. For a fourth entry, share my original post on Facebook (linked here) to your Facebook page/wall.

Please mention below in your comment that you have “Liked”, shared, or tweeted (if you’ve already liked our pages, that still counts).

The deadline to enter is Saturday, December 5th. After a random draw, I’ll announce the winner on Sunday, December 6th.

Good luck to everyone!

61 thoughts on “Giveaway Contest for “Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide”

  1. Black-capped Chickadees are my favourite feeder birds. There are 4 or 5 all day long at the feeder in front of my window. Such a delight.

  2. Great idea! My favourite feeder bird is the Black-Capped Chickadee. They are so cheerful, trusting and unafraid. They even nest in a birdhouse just outside my balcony door.

  3. Our favourite feeder birds are the Black-capped Chickadees… love love love them, with the Red-breasted Nuthatches being a very close second. :)

  4. I’ll go with Pine Siskins. Two years ago we had a pair that stayed around all winter, using our feeders daily. Those little birds have big presence – when they are at the feeders, other birds wait. Any birds trying to scare away these Siskins, or even share the feeder with them, quickly discovered it didn’t work that way! For some reason we called the pair Bert and Ethel.

  5. Boreal chickadees are probably my favourite! They’re like the rarer cousin of the black-capped chickadees─a bit more elusive, but still adorable! I have liked the two Facebook pages.

  6. Downy woodpeckers are so friendly, nut hatches are comical. And my favorite in summer has to be hummingbirds, the rest of the year it would have to be northern flickers, they use the whole yard and entertain constantly.

  7. Winter brings Many Chickadees, Downy , Hairy and Pileated woodpeckers , Nuthatches and Blue Jays but summer is when my Favorites come the Baltimore Orioles and Rose Breasted Grosbeaks ..

  8. My favorite bird is the black capped chickadee – so friendly and so many hours of bliss watching them and playing with them!

  9. For many years didn’t feed the birds, as I had a kitty who was a good hunter, and didn’t want to lure birds into her reach. Even then, though, my lilac bushes and mock orange were full, all winter, of black capped chickadees and white throated sparrows. So loud, sometimes, that even through the thick double glass of old fashioned storm windows, all you could hear was the twittering. So yeah, those are my two fav species.

    Liked and shared. Would like to win the book, but even more just want word to get out about these great groups.

  10. I started feeding the birds in my area about 20 years ago and marvel at all the different birds that visit each season. My feeders are always full in the winter with woodpeckers, redpolls, chickadees, flickers and of course low and behold our sparrows. Now that I have grandchildren they love to watch the feeders full and the window must be open so they can hear the chatter.

  11. It’s very difficult to choose one, but I think I’d choose the nuthatch (either red or white breasted) as they are comical as the flit around and run up and down the tree. That being said, the magpies are hilarious as they swing away as they attempt to eat at the feeder, and I always get a thrill having any kind of woodpecker visit my suet.

  12. I get pretty excited when I get the nuthatches and the downy woodpeckers at my feeder. But then, I like to see all birds at my feeders.

  13. I like them all so hard to pick a favorite but if I have to it would be the black capped chickadee. Liked your page. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book!

  14. I don’t have a backyard bird feeder, that’s my corgi’s territory! But I do have a mountain ash in the front that holds my feeders. I have so many beautiful birds that visit my rural property, it’s almost cruel to make me pick which I like best. But when the snow finally falls, it’s nice to look out my window and see a small pop of colour flitting about. So, I guess I will choose the redpolls as my favourite. ( P.S. I liked x2, tweeted & shared! *fingers-crossed* )

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  16. i love to watch the woodpeckers that come to my feeder.I Wish i could attract more pileated but they are a little shy as I live in the city.

  17. When I still lived on Lake Wabumun, I used to get grosbeaks (Pine and Evening) at the feeder under the kitchen window – so very beautiful.

  18. L;IVE in IRMA ALBERTA and over my 26 years here have observed over 76 species come through my yard. Feed all year and have BLUE JAYs NUTHATCHES WOODPECKERS CHICKADEES at the feeder all day long with visits by cedar waxwings and some Crossbills. Love my birds

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