Birding News #92

:: Afghan police shoot down a “bird bomb”

:: A researcher in Indonesia discovered a new bird species- the Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher.

:: Another new bird species discovered, this one in Brazil

:: An amendment to the San Jose, California, General Plan that would require surveying migratory birds during the nesting season has been tabled for fear of hindering development in the city.

:: Great Antshrikes have been observed using stone “anvils” to break open the shells of land snails, behaviour which is apparently recent since the snail was only introduced to the habitat in the 1980s.

:: A highly pathogenic bird flu strain in Europe is representing a major threat to the poultry industry in countries crossed by migrating wild birds.

:: Urban Northern Cardinals and Gray Catbirds live longer than their country cousins, one Smithsonian study found.

:: Researchers have found that hummingbirds fly more like insects than like other birds.

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2 thoughts on “Birding News #92

  1. Hi Prairie Birder! The claim that poultry flu is spread by migratory birds is nothing but a fairy tale, there is no proven case of that ever happening. This is really bad because e.g. wild birds are now being shot or birders kept from visiting good birding areas for fear they might spread bird flu!

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