Birding News #86

:: A Kansas university student discovered a rare prehistoric bird skeleton — the remains of a toothed flying bird, IIchthyornis, from the Mesozoic Era (252 million to 66 million years ago).

:: Researchers at the University of St Andrews have produced the first experimental evidence that birds (in this instance, Zebra Finches) select nest-building materials by colour in order camouflage their nests.

:: A federal judge ruled that a lawsuit that sought to stop the killing of Snowy Owls and migratory birds near New York City airports was within legal limits, but said he hopes that Port Authority officials could “find the tools to diminish the danger to planes without killing so many birds”.

:: The western population of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo has been listed as a Threatened Species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, after a 15-year wait.

:: Hollywood TV actors Adrian Grenier and Keegan Allen spent an afternoon volunteering at the International Bird Rescue Center in San Pedro, California, as part of World Animal Day.

:: More evidence that artificial light disrupts birds’ sex hormones

:: A glowing review of the recent book, Ghosts of Gone Birds: Resurrecting Lost Species through Art by Chris Aldhous (Bloomsbury); Sharon Wootton writes, “Ghosts could have been a 265-page funeral. Instead it is a book of spirit of birds that are gone.”

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