Birding News #85

:: The latest on the very slow evolution of birds, from research at the University of Edinburgh

:: A large number of dead seabirds are being found at Pismo Beach in California, and so far no-one knows whether it’s the drought, ship collisions, or another cause.

:: A controversial appointment: a long-time member of Malta’s Labour government, which has been accused of direct involvement in the widespread slaughter of birdlife, including many endangered species, has been named the next European commissioner for the environment.::

:: The Minneapolis chapter of the Audubon Society organized a protest yesterday at the new Vikings Stadium, calling on the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and the Minnesota Vikings team to upgrade the design to include bird-safe glass.

:: The US this week created the largest marine reserve in the world by expanding Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument in the south-central Pacific Ocean, increasing the monument to cover 490,000 square miles, six times its current size; among the marine life protected are seabirds such as boobies, frigatebirds and Sooty Terns.

:: This year’s Winter Finch Forecast is out! Many thanks to Ron Pittaway of Ron Pittaway of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

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