“BirdWatch Canada” Monarch Butterfly Article

Part of my Young Ornithologist Internship last fall, at the Long Point Bird Observatory in Ontario, was a personal research project on the Monarch Butterfly migration at Long Point, which is one of three Monarch Butterfly reserves in Canada.

Instead of a final report, I was asked to write an article for BirdWatch Canada as part of that, I had to learn Excel to help update Monarch data from LPBO from 2007 to 2011. The other part was writing the article based on that data and my fall project, to update an article Tara Crewe wrote in 2007.

Getting the article ready involved a lot of work with a fairly short deadline, but just like the Young Ornithologist Internship, it was an amazing opportunity for a young naturalist to get involved with research and to be trusted with some serious work. I had lots of great support and help from the LPBO staff — Stu, Dayna, Tara, and Janice. My research project article was just published in the Winter edition of the quarterly Bird Watch Canada, from Bird Studies Canada. Here it is! — click to enlarge.


4 thoughts on ““BirdWatch Canada” Monarch Butterfly Article

  1. Do you have ‘Feathers on Friday’, just sometimes? I was hoping to link to my post this week about winter wrens including about a carved wren. I posted a link to your blog in the post at eileengidman.blogspot.com
    I am new to your blog. Thanks.

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