Birding News #49

:: Unofficially for now, Neil Hayward has broken the standing ABA Big Year record of 745 species set by Sandy Komito in 1998. On December 28th, a sighting of a Great Skua put Hayward’s total at 746 (+ 3 provisionals).

:: A mystery illness has killed at least 16 Bald Eagles in Utah

:: A Chickadee’s brain expands in volume by 30 percent each fall to help it remember where it’s cached food for the coming winter

:: An article from Salon on the overuse of Red-tailed Hawk calls in movies, especially when the bird portrayed isn’t a Red-tailed Hawk.

:: Some researchers in Wisconsin are conducting a project for tracking Snowy Owls called Project SNOWstorm

Great posts in birding blogs this week: 

:: From Greg at the ABA BlogHayward vs Komito: A Look at the Playing Field

:: From Alex at Flight of the Scrub-Jay12/21 – Fairfield to Madison

:: From Eileen at Birding is FunBirding Curacao

:: From Andy at Limeybirder: Ookpiks in Brooklyn

:: From Clare at 10,000 Birds: Christmas Day Birding Around Broome

:: From Josh at Ontario Birds and Herps2013 Year in Review – part 1

:: From Grant at The Birder’s Library2013 Bird Books of the Year

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