Birding News #48

:: 13-year-old Charlie Sobcov from Ottawa has created ultraviolet plastic decals to help prevent birds colliding with windows 

:: Scientists have found fossil evidence that suggests the Kiwi, which is endemic to New Zealand, may have evolved in Australia 20 million years ago

:: A team from Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth Antarctica polar research station estimates there are 15,000 Emperor Penguins  living in a colony on East Antarctica’s Princess Ragnhild Coast

:: An interesting article about the spread of House Finch eye disease from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

:: A new study suggests that the extinct Giant Moa weighed about 14 percent less than first thought

:: Some Alberta ranchers are frustrated by the new emergency protection order issued by the Canadian government earlier this month, to help protect Prairie Sage Grouse habitat.

Great posts in birding blogs this week: 

:: From Shyloh at Beakingoff: The History of Yukon Birding

:: From Dan at Bird CanadaChristmas Bird Counts in Alberta

:: From Laurence at Butler’s BirdsSmartbush Sparrows and Rusty Hawks in West Maricopa

:: From Brian at Fur and Feathers 5000: 2013 Year in Review 

:: From Alex at Flight of the Scrub-Jay12/15 – Miami, FL: Kendall Baptist Hospital

:: From Eileen at Viewing Nature with Eileen: Cardinals in the Snow

:: From George at The ABA BlogThe 2013 Snowy Owl Invasion: It’s getting crazier by the minute

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