Birding News #39

:: With 275 species, 16-year-old Aaron Gyllenhaal has broken the record for most species seen in Cook County, Indiana this year. And the year isn’t over yet!

:: The large population of moose in the Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, is changing the species of birds able to live in the park because of all the vegetation the moose are eating.

:: A dead California Condor was found floating in a dip tank used by firefighting helicopters near the Tehachapi Mountains

:: The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 competition, sponsored by the Natural History Museum in London and BBC Worldwide, has announced the winners of the 49th annual contest, which includes 18 different categories, from birds and malls to “Creative Visions” and “Nature in Black and White”. You can see the winners, selected from tens of thousands of entries from dozens of countries around the world, here at the Museum’s special online gallery.

:: Playback of bird songs may harm birds by causing them to expend more energy than necessary

:: The Peterson Birds App (Field Guide to Birds of North America) is currently available for $2.99, which is 80 percent off the original price of $14.99 (I didn’t see an end date for the sale).

:: A rare Bonelli’s Eagle with a transmitter was shot and wounded by a Lebanese hunter, and an Israeli ornithologist fears that the capture and killing of “spy” birds is harming wildlife preservation in the Middle East

Great posts in birding blogs this week: 

:: From Chris at Birding is Fun: Osprey – A Unique Bird of Prey

:: From Dan at Bird CanadaMemories of Summer in Southern Alberta

:: From Nick at Saskatchewan Birds and Nature: Fall Birds

:: From Alex at Nemesis BirdLincoln’s Sparrow vs. Song Sparrow – PSU Fall Banding

:: From Tim at Bird Canada: Fall photography – making the most of autumnal colours

:: From Gordan at Birding AdventuresPima Canyon Wash – 13 Oct 2013

:: From Lillian at the Stoke Birding BlogSparrow ID Help Is on the Way! Here’s How to ID Them at Your Feeders

:: From Sharon at Birdchick: the latest Birdchick podcast

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