Birding News #37

:: Canada Rare Bird Alert: A Blue-footed Booby (Code 4) was seen on September 24th on the north side of Vancouver Island. This is a first record for British Columbia and a first for Canada

:: A new study by scientists at Environment Canada has found that more than 270 million birds are killed in Canada every year from human-related activity

:: The Plain-pouched Hornbill in Malaysia is facing extinction because of logging, poaching, and being hunted as food for humans

:: Mercury levels are increasing in the eggs of water birds that nest downstream from Canada’s tar sands region

:: A new species of owl has been discovered in Oman by a British ornithologist and his team

:: This year’s Big Sit is coming up on October 12th and 13th, so register for the sit today!

:: Lake Natron in northern Tanzania calcifies animals that fall in, and Nick Brandt is beautifully posing and photographing them

:: Cornell ornithologists are using red markers to carry out a “plumage manipulation experiment” in Australian fairy-wrens, who seem to prefer red to orange

:: Ranchers in Texas don’t trust government conservation plans designed to save the Lesser Prairie Chicken

Great posts in birding blogs this week: 

:: From Birdgirl at Exploring Nature: Good Birds and Some Mysteries

:: From Julie at Birding is Fun: Warblers Vireos Cuckoos & More

:: From Wally at Our Florida Journal: Beach Bird Bonanza

:: From Julie Zickefoose’s blog: Stalking the Wild Kingfisher

:: From Josh at Ontario Birds and Herps: The rest of Moosonee

:: From Kathleen at Birdworthy: Mystery Visitor Drops In Downtown, Literally

:: From Jeff at the ABA blog: Birding in the digital age, chasing a modern day lifer

:: From Mia at On the Wing Photography: Autumn Horned Lark 

:: From Sharon at Birdchick: The latest Birdchick podcast

A photo of a calcified Swallow by Nick Brandt,


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