Birding News #35

:: A gas flare at the Canapore plant in St. John, New Brunswick, has killed more than 7,500 migrating songbirds, possibly including endangered species such as Olive-sided Flycatchers and Canada Warblers

:: Rats on Haida Gwaii are eating chicks and eggs from Ancient Murrelets and other seabirds, so to combat the rodents, Parks Canada is dropping poison pellets from helicopters

:: Increasing numbers of Blue-footed Boobies are being seen along the coast of southern California

:: Falconry techniques are one way to keep marauding birds away from crops

:: Low-level PCB contamination in birds alters their songs

:: An article on why, if you’re not already a birder, why birding is cooler than you might think 

:: eBird has released Hotspot Explorer, which is a lot of fun

Great posts in birding blogs this week: 

:: From Julie at Nature’s SplendorHummingbirds Galore, Baby Birds & More

:: From Kathie at Kathie’s Birds: Life Bird 458: Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet

:: From Matt at Canadian Big Year 2013: Pelagic # 1 Summary

:: From Dan, beat writer for Bird CanadaPacific Pelagic Birding with Wild Research

:: From Josh at Ontario Birds and Herps: Swainson’s Hawks at Point Pelee

:: From Sharon at Birdchick: The latest Birdchick podcast

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