Birding News #34

:: Good news, bad news: The Snail Kite, locally endangered in the Florida Everglades, is enjoying a resurgence, likely because of the uncontrolled growth of an invasive giant snail species.

:: Scarborough, Maine, is considering a proposal to tighten leash laws on town beaches from April 1st through September 30th, following the death of a Piping Plover by an off-leash dog at Pine Point Beach. Piping Plovers are endangered in Maine, with only 44 nesting pairs this year.

:: The stork detained recently by Egyptian authorities suspected of being used for spying, because of the European wildlife tracker it had,  was found dead on Saturday, on an island in the Nile, south of the ancient city of Aswan.

:: Insectivorous birds help Costa Rican coffee farmers by eating lots of the destructive coffee berry borer beetles, which is invulnerable to most insecticides.

:: Reseachers think early birds in cities are rising even earlier because of the traffic noise from humans

:: Welcome to the Sierra Madre Ground-Warbler, a ground-dwelling forest bird that lives on Luzon Island of the Philippine archipelago. It’s one of two new bird species discovered this year by University of Kansas graduate student in ecology and evolutionary biology, Pete Hosner.

::  The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has announced reports of house finch mycoplasmal conjunctivitis (also called House Finch eye disease, thought it’s mostly a respiratory disease) in several parts of the state — Russellville, Clarksville, Fayetteville and Little Rock. More about the disease here, along with information about how to help stop the spread.

:: Scientists examining the preen oil of Dark-eyed Juncos have found that from its scent, other Juncos can reliably predict reproductive success.

:: PBS’s six-part documentary “Earthflight”, about birds, which premiered last Wednesday, gets two thumbs up from The Los Angeles Times

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