“Save the Last Dance: A Story of North American Grassland Grouse”

Savethelastdance I had read last year about the then-new book, Save the Last Dance: A Story of North American Grassland Grouse by photographer Noppadol Paothong, with text by Joel M. Vance. The book got a very good review by Rick Wright in the ABA blog and has a very good website. I’ve loved grouse ever since getting the remarkable opportunity to see the Sharp-tailed Grouse in our area dance in the spring. It’s an amazing sight.

I mentioned the book to my mother and she thought she would get it for me for my birthday. But because it’s self-published by the author, it’s not available from any of our usual booksellers, such as Chapters. And then my mother found out from Mr. Paothong that shipping to Canada was $35, almost as much as the cost of the book itself.

Fortunately, my mother remembered the book as we were planning our trip to NYC in July, and ordered the book to have it shipped to her office, which saved a lot on shipping, though it’s quite a heavy book (four pounds) to have in your checked luggage!

This is all a long way of writing to say that I’m delighted to finally have the book, and after my return from Long Point (mid-September), I’ll give the book the attention it deserves and write and post a review, hopefully in October.

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