Jamieson Laboratories’ “Call for the Wild” 2013

Canadian corporation Jamieson Laboratories’ has just launched its annual “Call for the Wild!” campaign. Call for the Wild! has been Jamieson’s annual community investment program for four years, granting a total of $100,000 each year to registered Canadian nonprofit organizations working to protect wilderness and wildlife.

Every year, five organizations are selected to participate in a public voting campaign on Facebook. At the close of each campaign, Jamieson Laboratories awards a donation to each organization based on their percentage of votes cast.  Each organization is competing for a share of the $100,000, and the amount allocated to each group depends entirely on the number of votes received.  You can vote every day here, at Jamieson’s Facebook page.

This year, the five organizations are:

McGill Bird Observatory (Quebec)

Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (Alberta)

BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association (Ontario)

Hope for Wildlife Society (Nova Scotia)

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (British Columbia)

The funding is vital to the organizations. For example, according to an article in The Montreal Gazette, with additional funding from the Call of the Wild campaign, the McGill Bird Observatory “would be able to hire a full-time co-ordinator who would be able to expand the centre’s education mandate and initiate new research projects. Right now, [MBO’s director] said, the centre is scraping by, covering only its basic bird-banding operations.”

You can learn more and vote (daily!) until September 15th at Jamieson’s Facebook page.

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