Birding News #32

:: A Canada Post mailman in Calgary has armed himself with a tennis racket to protect himself from a family of Swainson’s Hawks nesting on his route

:: The parasitic Honeyguide, which lays its eggs in Little Bee-eater nests, not only stabs Little Bee-eater chicks after hatching, but also destroys its own species’ eggs in the same nest.

:: British scientists studying butterfly species have found that earlier birds might not get the worms, or caterpillars

:: Learning the secrets of the mysterious Wilson’s Phalarope

:: Two new Harpy Eagle nests discovered in the Maya Mountains of southern Belize, good news since the raptors were thought to be locally extinct since 2000, and extirpated from Mexico and most of Central America until 2005

:: The New York Times calls ebird “Crowdsourcing, for the Birds”

:: A study finds that birds pay attention to highway speed limits to protect themselves from traffic

:: Photographer Dan Kitwood documents the British Trust for Ornithology’s mission to band up to 1,000 migrating Hirundines each evening, at a nature reserve in Rye, East Sussex (Daily Mail article here for more to read)

Great posts in birding blogs this week: 

:: Vote for your favourite bird butt photo over at Birds Calgary

:: The latest weekly report on fall migration monitoring at the McGill Bird Observatory in Quebec, from the MBO blog

:: Some musical entertainment courtesy of Pish and Twitch at the ABA’s Camp Avocet, from the ABA Blog

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