Long Point Bound!

Last August, I had a great opportunity to be one of the seven birders chosen from across Canada to be part of the  Young Ornithologists’ Workshop in Long Point, Ontario.  After participating in the YOW, the young birders can then apply for the Young Ornithologists’ Internship, for a month or more. This year I applied for the internship and was accepted and will be leaving for Ontario a week from Friday. I’ll be at Long Point from mid-August to mid-September, and would have planned to stay longer if we didn’t have a close friend of the family coming to visit in September.

For the internship, one has to prepare a research project to work on while there.  I surprised myself because the research project I came up with isn’t bird-related  — it’s a Monarch Butterfly census. I hope to confirm declining population numbers from this past winter in the Monarch’ summer breeding grounds at Long Point, recognized as one of three International Monarch Butterfly Reserves in Canada, in conjunction with declining numbers in its overwintering grounds in Mexico.

I’m very excited about the trip and am looking forward to seeing some new species — birds in particular —  and doing more bird banding! My mother just bought an iPad for me to use on my trip (it will be a family iPad once I return home) and a solar charger, so I’m looking forward to getting some birding apps for it. I don’t know how much electricity, WiFi, or internet access I’ll have (I’ll be out at the Tip of Long Point for most of my stay), so my blog posts might be few and far between (I do have a few scheduled), but I’ll see what I can do.

I’m also going to be missing my 16th birthday at home, so my mother and I bought a box of cake mix, canned frosting, disposable pans, and candles so I can bake a cake while I’m there!

A view of the Tip of Long Point from our boat last year,


4 thoughts on “Long Point Bound!

  1. Way to go Charlotte – and the research project is VERY important… particularly this year. I’ve noticed all the milkweed flowering way too early this summer – no monarchs around at all. hmmm. lack of favourite food affecting butterflies as well?
    Good luck with this remarkable project!

  2. Haven fun, and happy birding trails. I’ll send a Collared Flycatcher from Germany that’ll go after your monarchs. You know, not in order to ruin your project, just so you can easily find this first for North America! :-)

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