An Alberta Big Day

Last month in mid-June, two virtual birding friends, Dan Arndt of the Birds Calgary blog and David Pugh of A Calgary Birder, set off to do an Alberta Big Day, starting at Cold Lake and heading south to finish at Waterton National Park. Last week, Dan published a post about their adventures, which I thought you might like to read.

Dan and Dave left Calgary on Thursday, June 13th, and I got to meet them on the day before the actual Big Day, on Friday the 14th (there’s a picture of the three of us over at Dan’s blog, in my front yard). The Big Day was June 15th, and as Dan writes,

Our list of possible birds for the Big Day was around 267. Our goal was to break 200. While that seemed a bit high for our first attempt, we figured if the weather was good and we stayed on schedule, we’d be able to easily crest 150, and 200 seemed reasonable with the significant distance we were covering and the huge variety of biomes we’d be exploring.

Read Dan’s entire post to see how they did, and also to see all of Dan’s wonderful photos. He’s an amazing photographer, and always includes camera settings and information, which I find very helpful.

One thought on “An Alberta Big Day

  1. Charlotte,

    A late response, as I’ve been away, but thanks anyway for the post and the great prairie (birder) hospitality! I guess I’ll have to get around to putting up my own thoughts soon….


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