Birding News #27

:: The American Kestrel population in the Yukon has dropped 90 percent over the past decade

:: Jonathan Franzen was interviewed earlier this week on CBC Radio’s morning show The Current about the slaughter of songbirds in the Mediterranean.

:: The 2013 State of the Birds Report is out, with particular attention to private lands

:: How much do you know about goldfinches? Take the quiz at Bird Watcher’s Digest.

:: Atlantic Puffins on Farne Islands in Britain have had an 8 percent increase in breeding pairs since the last census in 2008

:: The Rufous-necked Wood Rail in New Mexico has its own Twitter account, which you can follow at @NMWoodRail 

:: A new study estimates that about 573,000 birds were killed by wind farms last year

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

:: From Linda at Birding is FunA Rare Bird Comes to New Mexico

:: From Dan at Calgary Birds: Reflections on an Alberta Big Day – Lessons learned and lifers heard (I was able to meet Dan and David last month just before their big day started)

:: From Kathie at Kathie’s BirdsWater, Mud and Birds at Perry Park

:: From Mia at On the Wing PhotographyEver Been Mobbed by Loggerhead Shrike juveniles?

:: From Nate at 10,000 BirdsI and the Bird: What Is an Ibis?


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