YBY Unboxing

I was so excited to get my ABA Young Birder of the Year contest package in the mail on July 5th, just before we left for New York, so I thought I would do an “unboxing”.

Because I’m a first time participant, I received the National Geographic Field Guide To The Birds of North America, fifth edition* (I don’t have this guide, so it’s a nice addition to my bookshelf, though at around 500 pages not nearly as comprehensive as the two Sibley field guides, just under 500 pages each, but definitely more portable), a birder’s field notebook manual, and birder’s field notebook. I was also quite pleased to see that extra stickers for the ABA bird of the year were included,


* There’s a more recent sixth edition, published in 2011, for anyone interested in buying a copy of the NG field guide.

One thought on “YBY Unboxing

  1. Great news Charlotte – no wonder you were excited – those look like great additions to any birder’s book case! Congratulations, and go have fun!

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