An Addition to This Week’s Birding News #26: “Britain’s egg obsessives”

My mother reads The New Yorker online and gets email alerts each week for the new issue. Yesterday’s alert brought news about the “Reporter at Large” column from next week’s issue, “Operation Easter: The hunt for illegal egg collectors” by Julian Rubinstein. Here’s a short excerpt:

The Isle of Rum, a forty-one-square-mile rock, is inhabited by about forty people, many of them employed by the Scottish Natural Heritage, an environmental organization charged with protecting wildlife. Rum has red deer and an assortment of rare birds, including merlins and white-tailed sea eagles, and it is a principal breeding ground for the Manx shearwater, a seabird with a distinctly eerie call. For this reason, as Everitt knew, the place was also a target for egg collectors, a secretive network of men obsessed with accumulating and cataloguing the eggs of rare birds.

You can read the entire article online here. It is fascinating.

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