Feathers on Friday

If you would like to join me for my Feathers on Friday meme, please put the link to your blog post in the comments and I’ll add the link to my post.

On one of my walks the other week I found this male Yellow Warbler singing high up in the trees (digiscoped),


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From Frank at The Early BirderUK Tribute for WBW

6 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Great shot and such lovely colours Charlotte! Babsje told me about your blog and the challenge and I would just like to find out if it’s only for Fridays or is it for the whole week until the next Friday where we can then post another feathered friend. :)
    Why I am asking is because I have a page on my blog where I have all the weekly/monthly challenges all together and I would love to add this one if it’s a weekly challenge. :D

      • You’re very welcome and that is a pity as the page I made are only for weekly and monthly challenges but your daily meme is the first one I’ve seen for WordPress so far. The others are on blogger.com blogs but I will think what I can do here as I do not want to include it with the weekly/monthly challenges as it confuses some of the bloggers. *puts on her thinking cap*
        PS: Don’t mind the smoke..I’m thinking now. LOL!

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