Birding News #24

:: The late June floods in Southern Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan have not just affected people, but wildlife too. One of the Saskatchewan species greatly affected is the endangered Piping Plovers because they are ground nesters.

:: A new species of Tailorbird has been discovered in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, in the middle of a road construction site.

:: The Preston Marina in Lancashire (UK) is using old tires as artificial nests for Common Terns, which has helped to more than double the tern population in the area.

:: Birders in England spotted a rare White-throated Needletail, only to watch it fly into a wind turbine and die

:: Researchers on Guam have found that the island’s spider populations grew as much as 40-fold in the wake of entire species of insect-eating birds devastated by the invasive Brown Tree Snakes.

:: A story from  The Ottawa Citizen about declining bird populations and the Bird Life International conference last week in Toronto.

:: Lawyers for wildlife advocacy groups in San Francisco say that a $130 million highway project is killing endangered Cliff Swallows.  

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

:: From Dawn at Dawns bloggy blog: Chasing a rare bird ~ Red-necked Stint

:: From Josh at Ontario Birds and Herps: Chestnut-sided Warbler photoshoot

:: From Kathleen at Birdworthy: Catching Kestrels

:: From Sharon at Birdchick: The latest Birdchick podcast

:: From Mia at On the Wing Photography: Great-horned Owlet in a Granary Window

:: From Steve at Thermal Birding: 4th of July Birding Challenge


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