Off to the Big Apple!

On the second week of July my family is taking a trip to New York City. Unfortunately, it’s not a pleasure trip (more of a “family business trip”) so birding is low on the list. I won’t have lots of time for birding, but I hope to see some new species and meet some New York birders. I’ve never birded in Central Park in the Summer (just in the Fall and Winter, and I know Spring and Fall are the best seasons), so I’m hoping to see something new. If I don’t, I’m sure a lot of the regulars will be great subjects to photograph!

I’m planning to go on one another one of Robert DeCandido and Deb Allen’s Central Park bird walks (I’ve been twice before), so if I do I’ll post on it. I would love to meet some NYC birders and go birding together.

I won’t have my laptop with me so I probably won’t be able to post while I’m there, but I’ll try to have some posts lined up before I leave.

8 thoughts on “Off to the Big Apple!

  1. Have a wonderful visit to the city Charlotte – There is a blog called Out Walking the Dog by a New York City writer who visits parks and streetscapes and loves birds and all animals. She often has some great photos of red-tailed hawks in the city and other birds and ducks in Central Park and along the rivers – maybe you’ll run into her and her dog Esau a furry little grey dog?

    Looking forward to your photos when you return. When do you come to Ontario for the stay at |Long Point?

    • Thanks, Barbara! I don’t know if we’ll have the chance to get to Riverside Park but if so I will keep an eye open for Out Walking the Dog (and also the raccoons!). I’ll be at Long Point from mid-Aug to mid-Sept, I can’t wait!

  2. Have an AWESOME time Charlotte!!! Look forward to your posts afterwards then.

    Kind Regards, Lorraine Oakes, Blackfalds, Alberta

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