Birding News #22

:: The Nihoa Millerbird returns to Laysan Island after a 100-year absence

:: Some “bad egg” nature photographers disturbed nests at Frank Lake, near High River, Alberta

:: More from Alberta and also the Northwest Territories, north of Alberta’s tar sands — a new report from nine Canadian, American, and Scottish scientists convened by the California-based Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy says the area’s 30,000 acres of tailings ponds pose a serious threat to the Mackenzie River basin (three times the size of France) in the event of a breach, posing a risk to wildlife, including the world’s only wild Whooping Cranes, which breed in nearby Wood Buffalo National Park.

:: The Dorset (UK) Wildlife Trust wants visitors to its 42 reserves to stop using birdsong apps for pishing, because it’s disturbing nesting birds and their young.

:: Cats vs. birds — or cat lovers vs. bird lovers — in an article from New York Magazine by Jessica Pressler on the fall-out following publication of the recent paper, “The Impact of Free-Ranging Domestic Cats on Wildlife of the United States”.

:: A new study is following Atlantic seabirds, including American Oystercatchers and Common Terns, to help site wind turbines

:: An article by author Jonathan Franzen for National Geographic about the slaughter of birds in the Mediterranean

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

:: From Sharon at Birdchick: Drunk Birds

:: From Nicholas at Hipster BirdersThings That Fly, Slither, Hop, and Scurry in the Swamp

:: From Julie at Nature’s Splendor: Jelly Bellies 

:: From the ABA blog: Open Mic: The Field Glass Ceiling, by Brooke McDonald on women and birding, a very hot topic this past week (be sure to read through the more than 100 comments, too)

:: From Mia at On the Wing PhotographyA Mountain Bluebird Tribute to Fathers

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