What Is Your Pet Playing With?

I went with my mother to Wal-Mart last week so she could check out the nursery for plants, and on the way outside we went through the pet section where we noticed these. Almost as “interesting” as the concept is the product name — “Natural Instincts”. Oh no!



I think the plush toys are suppost to represent an American Robin, House Wren, and an American Goldfinch (not very life-like representations if you ask me, which is probably all for the best!),


To leave you with something nicer than the bird-unfriendly pet toys, here’s a beautiful rose we saw at one of the nurseries,


4 thoughts on “What Is Your Pet Playing With?

  1. Most people who give their cats toys – whatever they look like – and the cat doesn’t care, only cares about the catnip inside – are encouraged to buy because the toys are “cute” as you probably know Charlotte – and their cats don’t go outside – to really chase birds. thank goodness..

    My cats go outside but have been taught not to chase birds…not an easy task but pretty successful – so far. I’ve seen birds land on the back of a chair where one of my guys lazes in the sun, and the cat doesn’t lift an eyelid…And if they’re inside they prefer balls, pencils, and things that move to chase… soft sponge balls work well…

    I agree it’s sad or maybe misguided that birds are used as models for cat toys by a company called Natural Instincts… hmmm makes one wonder.

    Love the rose – it’s simply beautiful.

  2. One more reason to avoid WallyMart! There’s a stray cat that hides in our garden and waits for birds and chipmunks. Maybe I should try to train him to attack the rose bush…hhmmmm…

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