May Species Count

Last Saturday, my local naturalist society held its annual May species count. I’ve gone a few other years at 5 am or so, and I was asked this year if I’d be able to join the club president then. But with our beef club achievement day, show and sale the next two days, I needed to get as much rest as possible. So I started counting birds at 9 am instead and saw some good birds, though I missed a few common ones such as House Wrens, American Coots, and Barn Swallows.

Chris told me later that he had seen a Blackpoll Warbler earlier in the morning —  it would have been a life bird for me. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to see it, but I did get an extra three hours of sleep!

I had a good walk and saw 32 species in three hours with two first of season birds: Cedar Waxwings and Spotted Sandpiper.

I aways have so much fun doing this count and can’t wait to see what I get next year!

A flock of Bonaparte’s Gulls were feeding near the edge of the river and here’s one (digiscoped),


A Tree Swallow on a no trail riding sign,


Buffalo beans,


A view of the river,


I’m not quite sure what species of Dragonfly this is,


A Song Sparrow (digiscoped),


A beautiful Canadian Tiger Swallowtail,


A Franklin’s Ground Squirrel (digiscoped),


I saw quite a few Double-crested Cormorants on my walk (digiscoped),


An interestingly colored American Wigeon (digiscoped),


A pair of Mallards (digiscoped),


4 thoughts on “May Species Count

  1. May Species Counts are very important!! I have just organized Brooks/Lake Newell as well as Milk River/Writing-on-Stone. Yellow-breasted Chat was a real highlight in the park, usually heard only on count week!!

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