A Sparrow on a Soggy Day

I was making my breakfast this rainy and windy yesterday morning (the first proper moisture in two months) and I carelessly looked out the window at my feeders. I saw a bird that looked different than the usual ones, and then it dawned on me — a Harris’s Sparrow, a life bird for me!

I had to run downstairs to my bedroom to get my camera, hoping the bird wouldn’t leave. In fact, he stayed around all day. He was in the yard when my mother and I returned home from our trip to pick up almost 1,000 shelterbelt trees, and then at the end of the day when we came back from my egg run in town.

Here’s my first photograph of the sparrow,






21 thoughts on “A Sparrow on a Soggy Day

  1. Beautiful bird and great find. One of the things I love about birding, you never know what might show up or when!

  2. Charlotte,

    Congrats on your lifer Harris Sparrow. I really enjoyed your photos of this bird as I have the ones you’ve posted in the past. It’s always a special treat when Ray has you on his program.

  3. Really nice find. I have not even seen a Harris’s Sparrow since taking up photography a few years ago. We did have an invasion of these when I lived in Dallas, Texas in the 1980s

  4. Nice work there Charlotte. Seems more sightings this year..or maybe more birders out there!!!
    One showed up in Tillebrook PP whilst doing May Species Count in Brooks Alberta/

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