A Sunday Bird Walk

I haven’t been able to go on long birding walks for quite some time because of busy days, late nights, farming, and trying to catch up on sleep on weekends, but I went on a two-hour walk early Sunday morning! Because our Spring got a late start, the shorebird migration has just beun and most of the resident passerines have arrived including the Baltimore Orioles, House Wrens, Common Yellowthroats, Yellow Warblers, and Least Flycatchers.

The view across the road, early Sunday morning,


A male Bufflehead (digiscoped),


On my walk I saw many Wilson’s Phalaropes; here is a female phalarope (digiscoped),


A White-throated Sparrow (digiscoped),


A Morel Mushroom,


I was playing hide and seek with this male Baltimore Oriole,


A female Common Goldeneye (digiscoped),


The American Goldfinches just started to arrive,


Chipping Sparrow,


The weather has been very warm here and the mosquitoes are very bad, which makes birding less fun than it could be. But it’s still great to get out and go birding. This coming week and next week I’m going to be busy with 4H beef club and getting my cattle ready for the show and sale, so I won’t be birding or posting much.

20 thoughts on “A Sunday Bird Walk

  1. Looks like a great place for birding. Once again, your digiscoped images seem to be getting better with practice. Keep it up.

  2. We picked up bug-shirts and I sure hope they work to keep from getting bit we do not agree with chemical soup (deet) bug repellents being used.
    I found it amazing to learn that the female phalarope is the colorful one and that the male tends the babies.

  3. Charlotte, what a lot of fun birds you saw! It sounds and looks like you live in a beautiful place–minus the mosquitoes of course! Good luck with your 4-H project!

  4. That looks like a lovely place to walk, well, minus the mosquitoes. :)
    You found some wonderful birds!
    Best of luck with the sale of your beef. I was a 4-Her many years ago. :)

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