Birding News #17

:: A hiker fell 1,000 feet to her death in the Pyrenees Mountain range and within 40 minutes Griffon Vultures ate her remains

:: The American Birding Association has launched “Birder’s Marketplace“!

:: A statewide survey last month showed that numbers of nesting Bald Eagles in Massachusetts have increased after the species was reintroduced between 1982 and 1988

:: Birds in Britain are benefitting from climate change because of milder winters and longer nesting seasons, but there are other considerable disadvantages

:: More disadvantages to climate change — birds in Scotland such as the Eurasian Dotterel, Snow Bunting, and the Rock Ptarmigan, could become extinct by the end of the century because climate change, experts warn

:: Earlier this week Common Loons were grounded in Wisconsin after late spring storms

:: Even though California Condors are endangered, private companies will not be prosecuted if their wind turbines accidentally kill a condor

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

:: From David at a Calgary Birder: Mega-Rarity Purple Sandpiper at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary 

:: From Nicholas at Hipster Birders: Thrushed with Excitement in Forsyth Park!

:: From Nancy, co-owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Saratoga Springs, NY, who blogs at The Zen Birdfeeder: 5 Tip to Attract Orioles into your Yard

:: From Tim, beat writer for Birding is Fun: Vermilion Flycatcher — A True Beauty 

:: From John at Two Birders and BinocularsHow to Attract More Warblers to Your Backyard

:: From Josh at Ontario Birds and Herps: Point Pelee — May 11

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