Wild Bird Wednesday: White-crowned Sparrow

The White-crowned Sparrows arrived in our yard last week and have been foraging through my mom’s garden. I’ve been digiscoping a lot of photos of them, and here is my best one!

Today, I’m linking up with Stewart for his Wild Bird Wednesday. So, be sure to read through all the other bloggers’ posts with their wild birds.

A White-crowned Sparrow,


11 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday: White-crowned Sparrow

  1. The White-crowned Sparrow is an interesting bird to study if one travels around. I have come across at least 2/3 different songs. The birds singing in the Cypress Hills are quite different from the song one might hear up here in Northern AB.


  2. Sweet bird— good shot.
    BTW: The Rufous and the Ruby throated Hummingbird are different hummers. They sure look alike but we don’t have the ruby out here. weird huh!! MB

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