Birding News #15

:: A Common Loon spent 43 days incubating, trying to hatch a pair of rocks

:: An opinion piece by author and birder Brian Kimberling for The New York Times, on “What do the birders know?”  Mr. Kimberling’s new book, Snapper, just published on April 23rd by Pantheon, is about an amateur ornithologist and future falconer. NPR has a good review, with a picture of the lovely cover, here. Also, a good interview with Mr. Kimberling, “the twitcher of Evansville”, at The Independent (UK) here:

the level of detail and casually assured knowledge evident in Snapper, the book which could do for birdwatchers what Annie Proulx did for small-town newspaper reporters and gay cowboys, would tend to suggest that he’s being over-modest. But it’s not a book about birds; more a book about a birdwatcher, Nathan Lochmueller, who is employed by Indiana University to track and log the nesting habits of songbirds in a specific corner of woodland near Evansville.

:: Have you ever wondered what a woodpecker tongue looks like? Find out here!

:: Researchers are studying American Crows to learn more about their evolutionary behavior

:: The pair of Bald Eagles from the eagle cam in Washington, DC has just recently hatched chicks

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

:: From Kathie at Kathie’s Birds: In Search of Nighthawks

:: From Hugh at Round Robin294 Species and One Shattered Record on “Almost Perfect” Big Day

:: From Steve at Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds: Birds for Bullshit Artists, A Pipit of Excellent Posture, and More

:: From the Backyard Chirper: 10 Interesting Facts About Chickadees

:: From Drew at Nemesis Bird: ***MEGA*** Bahama Woodstar, Lancaster PA

:: From Carrie at 10,000 BirdsEurasian Tree Sparrow From Long Ago

2 thoughts on “Birding News #15

  1. Love the story on the Loon! There were two reported during the weekends Snow Goose Chase up here in Alberta.


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