Snow Goose Chase preparations: Get Out!

The most important part of the Snow Goose Chase (Tofield, Alberta, April 27th) is getting kids and their families interested in getting out — outside and outdoors.

My mother and I like to shop at Etsy for new and different things, everything from handmade jewelry and original art to vintage treasures, so I thought I would highlight some fun and inspirational prints and posters that encourage families to GET OUT!

You can tell that Katie Daisy at the wheatfield loves nature because she has lots of prints on the subject:

“Wild and Free”, inspired by a quote by Henry David Thoreau,


“Wild Air”, inspired by a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson,


“Take Me to the Sea”,


From a different shop and artist, 1canoe2’s “Go Outside & Play”,


Hollie Chastain at drkennedyjones says, “Unplug and Go Outside”,


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