Birding News #11

:: Some facts about migrating birds and their long-distance journeys from Nature Canada

:: Tips for identifying tricky finches

:: Starvation could be the reason hundreds of dead puffins washed ashore on the east coast of the United Kingdom

:: A little bit about the Short-eared Owl, an endangered species in Michigan

:: In New Jersey, the Duke Farms Bald Eagle Camera was attacked by a Red-tailed Hawk. Unfortunately, the hawk didn’t make it out alive: “They finished off the hawk already,” Almendinger said. “They were eating trout yesterday.”

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

:: From Scott, beat writer, at Birding Is Fun: Identifying Waterthrushes

:: From Sharon, beat writer, at Bird Canada: Drilling for “oil” in the nursery

:: From Nate, beat writer at 10,000 Birds: IATB Theme: I Want Robins, Of All Kinds

:: From Laurence, beat writer, at Birding Is Fun: The Empid Enigma: To Catch a Flycatcher

:: From Bill of Bill of the BirdsThey’re Baaaaack

:: From Dan, beat writer for Birds CalgarySunday Showcase: Long-eared Owl

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