12 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Envious of where you live and the birds you get to see. We had one near Nashville, Tennessee a few years ago, but they’re far and few between! I’m looking forward to seeing some of your digiscoped shots. That’s a great technique to use to get double use out of a nice scope like yours.

      • I actually don’t live in Nashville, but at the edge of the Appalachian mountains in the northeast corner of the state. So, we have all the Nashville birds, plus a diversity of high-elevation breeding birds that they don’t get (especially wood warblers). I guess we birders always long to see those birds that we don’t get to see much locally. We’re kind of short on prairie birds around here…:) Will be looking forward to your photos. Thanks for sharing with all us “southerners”.

  2. When you see a Snowy Owl a point and shoot photo is a winner! Beautiful bird that I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing. The photo actually has a ghostly quality to it which makes it interesting.

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