A Helping Hand: Talkin’ Birds Fundraiser

My favorite birding radio show is Ray Browns Talkin’ Birds airing from Massachusetts. I’ve been a fan since 2010, and I’ve written about the show before on my blog.

The show’s “mystery bird” feature has not only helped me win some wonderful bird feeders, but more importantly it helped me learn to recognize many birds by sound.

Talkin’ Birds has been on the air since 2005 and now needs RocketHub funding to help keep the show running. Talkin’ Birds has set goal of $7,500 and their deadline is April 1st. So far they have raised $2,405. My mother signed us up yesterday.

A little bit about their fundraiser, from the Talkin’ Birds Facebook page:

You may have won a birdfeeder in our Mystery Bird Contest, submitted a photo for a pound of coffee, or just written in or called to say hello. The fact that you’re listening means a lot to us, and makes it a pleasure to produce the show. We’re fortunate that so many listeners tell us that the show makes them smile — and even laugh out loud once in a while; that it teaches them about birds we see every day, and birds that are new to us; and that it helps them appreciate the magnificent world we live in.

If the show makes you feel some of the things we’ve described above, then we hope you’ll be receptive to a request we’re making — the kind of request we’ve never made before in our more than seven years of producing our show. Although we continue to receive wonderful feedback from our listeners, getting sponsors to believe in a radio program about birds is difficult. So we are asking our loyal listeners to make a contribution to our show so that we can — simply put — keep Talkin’ Birds on the air.

Producing the program involves lots of expenses — for office space, equipment rental, staffing needs, etc. — and we’re asking for a little help from you in meeting those costs. Kindly take a minute to visit our page at the RocketHub fundraising site and, if you can, also help spread the word to folks who might also assist.

I hope others will want to help support this wonderful birding radio show. There aren’t too many radio shows on the subject in North America, and Ray does a wonderful job bringing together backyard birders, experts, authors, and others in his half-hour show on Sunday mornings. I’ve learned a lot from his show and am also happy to consider Ray a friend who has been a great mentor to a beginning birder.

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