Birding News #3

:: The British Columbia government has approved the shooting of Barred Owls to help save their endangered cousins, the Spotted Owls.

:: A study from Duke University found that live Swamp Sparrows are aggressive to taxidermied Swamp Sparrows. A video of the live sparrows attacking the taxidermied ones is at the bottom of this post.

:: The New York Times, the American Bird Conservancy, the Canadian Broadcasting CorporationScienceNews, and many other publications had articles last week about the new Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute study about the staggering amount of birds and mammals killed by cats.

:: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology will host a Young Birders Event, August 22-25, 2013. The application deadline is April 1st, and 10 young birders will be accepted.

:: Volunteers are needed to help monitor Red-shouldered Hawk nests in Wisconsin

Great posts in birding blogs this week:

:: From Scott Simmons, beat writer at Birding is Fun: Bird Photography for Birders

:: From Nemesis Bird: Looking at Marbled Godwits

:: From Clare Kines, beat writer at 10,000 Birds: His take on Baiting Birds, Owls in Particular

:: From 10,000 Birds: I and the Bird: What is a Raven?

The Swamp Sparrow video mentioned up above,

2 thoughts on “Birding News #3

  1. Charlotte, you are becoming quite the journalist! Good for you! How sad to hear about the Barred owls. It is hard to know what is right in t his situation.

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