Happy New Year!

Out with the old and in with the new lists!

Other than my trip to Ontario last year, my family and I didn’t go anywhere. It’s very hard to travel when you live on a farm, especially in the summer with all the haying and moving cattle, and besides summer on a farm is some of the best fun anyone could have!

Other than the Piping Plovers, and a Cape May Warbler I saw at 4H camp by Moose Lake, I saw 152 species in a five mile-radius around my house. I added 59 new species to my Life List, putting it at 237 species. My trip to Long Point helped greatly, with 36 new species which put me over the 200 species barrier. I just barely scraped by my personal goal of seeing over 150 species in Alberta, in the end I saw 154. I was quite pleased with my Year List of 202 species, again aided by my trip to Long Point.

I started a Mammal List too last year and was able to see 23 species in total, four in Ontario and 19 in Alberta. The most exciting addition was an American Black Bear last fall.

I’ve completed most of my birding goals from last year and now have to set new ones:

Last year I tried to submit an eBird observation every day, but some days I didn’t have time to bird or I forgot. This year I’m going to try to submit observations more regularly.

Some of the species I would like to see this year are: the Hudsonian Godwit, Gray Jay, Cinnamon Teal, American Bittern, and the Evening Grosbeak. Any rare birds in the area would be welcome too.

Happy New Year and Good Birding!


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I too have really enjoyed your blog, and the passion of birding that some of us oldsters have forgot. I am glad the Turkey Vulture observation turned out so well. I have seen 175 species in Two Hills County over the last 10 years or so. Last year on June 2 we did a Big Day in Two Hills County and saw 85 species. I want to try it again this year and aim for 100. Perhaps you could join us. Keep up the good work!

    Doug Faulder

  2. You are such a passionate young woman Charlotte – it’s so encouraging to read your blog and catch your enthusiasm. In all my many years, I’ve never started a list of birds or mammals that I’ve seen, I suppose it’s never too late. But I certainly enjoy yours, and cheer you on with all you do. Happy new year. And too – happy birding!

  3. Charlotte, congratulations! That’s outstanding! Wonderful pictures too! Stay warm! I am doing a Big January this year. Do you know what that is?

    As for a daily ebird list, I do one every day from my yard for at least 15 minutes. I have a little notebook I keep near the window and I write my observations down in it. I don’t always enter the data every day but I do eventually enter it, usually once or twice a week. Plus, I do not know if you know that it is acceptable to enter a count of zero if you see no birds. eBird needs to know where the birds aren’t as well as where the birds ARE!

  4. Charlotte, sounds like you had a great year observing birds and other wildlife. The 152 bird species seen near your house is fabulous. What a great area you must live in. It’s always a pleasure to visit your wonderful blog. Your enthusiasm and passion for birds is truly refreshing. Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy new year filled with lots of beautiful bird sightings.

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