Gorgeous Grosbeaks!

Pine Grosbeaks are back in large numbers and were prevalent during our local CBC yesterday in all of the count circles. The Pine Grosbeaks is one of the largest finches and can be found on all over Alberta, all other Canadian Provinces, and the northern and central United States. Their robust size and their beautiful flute-like song is a wonderful addition to the Alberta winter landscape.

A map of the Pine Grosbeak’s map range, from Cornell,


All of the Pine Grosbeak photos in this post were taken at my grandparents’ yard yesterday during the local Christmas Bird Count. The most grosbeaks I counted at one time were 12, and three of them were adult males.


A female or juvenile,



My grandparents filled this tray with sunflower seeds, which the grosbeaks really enjoy,


The males are so beautiful, and when the sun hit them they were even prettier,




11 thoughts on “Gorgeous Grosbeaks!

  1. Very nice photos, Charlotte. On today’s CBC in Edmonton I saw 9 of these in Blackmud Creek. I like the snowing effect you have on your blog.

  2. Particularly love the last photo Charlotte – very well framed – impressive – and the birds? wow – simply wonderful. I’ve seen one particular flock only once but never again. Lucky you.

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