Kickstarting The Birder Movie

There is a new independent (Canadian!) birding movie in the works, and it needs Kickstarter funding. As producer Gerry Lattmann of Toronto explains, “We shot the film, now we need help with getting it finished.” The project, which is in post-production, will be funded only if the The Birder reaches the goal of $30,000 by January 4th and so far it has raised $5,840. My mother signed us up for $35 yesterday ($25, which gets you a DVD of the finished movie, plus $10 for shipping the DVD to Canada).


The cast includes Fred Willard, Graham Greene, Tom Cavanagh, Cassidy Renee, Mark Rendall, and Jamie Spilchuk. Most of the filming took place in Point Pelee, and from the few clips I’ve seen, it looks like a fun movie. From the Kickstarter description,

THE BIRDER is an intelligent and witty comedy about a mild-mannered high school teacher and avid birder who plots revenge against a younger, hipper rival, after losing the Head of Ornithology position at the local park.

This Sunday, December 16th, Gerry Lattman is going to be interviewed on my favorite birding radio show, Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds. I’m very much looking forward to that segment of the show!

Here is a behind the scenes video,

and you can find the trailer at the Kickstarter page (I can’t seem to get it to play properly in this post). I hope this project is able to reach its goal!

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