Happy Halloween!

This will be the first Halloween I’m not going trick or treating. I’ve decided I’m too old, but luckily my brothers aren’t (they are 11 and 13), so I might still get some candy!

Here are some creepy, crawly, and cute Halloween photos!

Two giant and three smaller pumpkins we carved last year,

I carved this pumpkin (you can find the free printable here) on Saturday for a pumpkin carving contest at our library,

A Common Raven,

Rusty Blackbirds,

This Halloween will be rather snowy,

10 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Great Owl carving Charlotte! I’m wearing my Bohemian Waxwing outfit today in the store – handing out apples and mini chocolate bars – not Mountain Ash Berries though!

  2. Love the pumpkins; your owl pumpkin carving is fantastic. You are a very talented young lady. Yeah, too bad there is an age-limit on trick and treating. But, Hallowe’en is still the most fun day of the year, no matter how old you get! Oh and great photos as well.

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