Feathers on Friday

Yesterday, coming home from a trip to town to the Provincial Park, I saw two Bald Eagles on one of the sloughs near our house that isn’t frozen over entirely yet.

As you can see from the pictures, the landscape has changed very dramatically in the past week. We had our first snow of the season last Saturday, and it has been snowing almost daily since, with very cold temperatures for this time of year.

The adult Bald Eagle and the Lesser Scaup,

The juvenile coming in for a landing,

I watched the eagles until they left,

3 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Great photos – what a treat to see – and yes we heard about all your snow out west – looks like it’s going to be an interesting winter for the birds. Love those eagles though – specially the in-flight shots – well done.

  2. I love the change of seasons and the birds they bring so I look forward to winter esepcially for the Bald Eagles. These are wonderful Prairie Birder, love seeing the Black-billed Magpie so close to that one eagle!

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