The Big Sit

The 18th annual Big Sit is next week, October 13th and 14th, 2012.

This will be my second Big Sit. I will be a team of one and will sit at the same location as last year: near a pretty large slough, grasslands, and woods. Last year I saw a total of 29 species and hope to match that total or see over 29 species.

The Big Sit was founded by the New Haven (CT) Bird Club and is being hosted by Bird Watcher’s Digest. The Big Sit is an international event, you can register your team here.

You can sit for as long or as little time as you like and some teams collect pledges for each species they see, which they donate to their favorite nature club or bird observatory.

A Northern Harrier I saw on last year’s Big Sit,


8 thoughts on “The Big Sit

  1. What, in three days already!? Oh geez, I completely forgot. I wanted to send a Eurasian Honey Buzzard from Germany your way, but now I fear it might arrive too late for the Big Sit.
    Okay, I’ll ask a friend of mine in Oregon to send you a Marbled Murrelet. They should fly fast enough to be there on time, and you’re sitting near open water, right?

    • Oh, Jochen, I would have been the only “sitter” in North America with an Eurasian Honey Buzzard on my list, but I will accept a Marbled Murrelet!

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