Feathers on Friday

I will write a more detailed post on the Turkey Vulture tagging soon, so in the meantime here are some photos of wing-tagged young Turkey Vultures from earlier this month!


9 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday

  1. Holy smoke you’re brave to have such a big bird in your arms Prairie Birder – they aren’t very pretty but the world is fortunate to have scavengers as efficient as turkey vultures. That must have been quite the experience banding these big babies.

  2. Oh my, I’ve never seen young Turkey Vultures before. Very cool! How lucky you are to get up close and personal with them. Though they are not especially attractive birds, they really are fascinating creatures.

  3. Loved your turkey vulture photos. We see the adults near our cabin in northeastern Wisconsinin an old forest environment. They are a bit frightening to look at in the beginning.

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